David Shaw Reacts To Nick Saban Claiming Bryce Young Has Earned Nearly $1 Million, Says It’s Not ‘True Market Value’

Mandatory Credit: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports via Reuters

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Stanford coach David Shaw thinks Alabama has a serious advantage in the NIL era of college football.

Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban recently revealed quarterback Bryce Young has earned close to $1 million before starting a single game in Tuscaloosa, and Shaw thinks the seven-time national champion’s comments were very strategic. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Shaw said the following during the PAC-12’s media days Tuesday, according to 247Sports:

My gut reaction is in multiple levels. First of all, Nick Saban is smarter than any 10 of us in this room combined. And so, there’s no way that that was just a throw-in. It’s obvious to me — Nick wanted to plant that and make sure people knew that. It’s a great way to recruit people to come to you, which the guy hasn’t started a college football game and he’s already signed a whole bunch of deals to make money. To me, I don’t think that’s what this whole thing is supposed to be about. I don’t believe that that is true market value. I believe that’s Alabama value. But that’s not market value for an individual, which is what this is supposed to be about.

It’s not hard to agree with Shaw that Saban’s comments were definitely done to “plant” the idea that you can get rich playing for the Crimson Tide.

Nick Saban’s brain operates on a different level than 99.9999% of people on the planet. That’s why he has seven national title rings and after decades of success, nobody has been able to figure him out.

The guy is a genius, and he knew exactly what he was doing when he told people Bryce Young has earned nearly $1 million before starting a game.

He was signaling to all the young recruits out there that they can also get paid if they commit to playing for him in Tuscaloosa.

Saban’s message is shockingly simple. If you want to get rich and win national titles, then come play for Alabama. Best of luck to Shaw and everyone else who has to try to recruit against the Crimson Tide.