‘Disinfo Kills’: Protesters Drop Body Bags On Facebook’s Doorstep Over Alleged COVID-19 ‘Disinformation’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Protesters descended Wednesday on Facebook’s Washington, D.C. headquarters, leaving bodybags on the sidewalk.

The group, calling itself the “Real Facebook Oversight Board” (RFOB), posted photos of its handiwork and said, “Body bags line the street. Facebook disinformation kills.” (RELATED: Biden Stumbles Into A Facebook War)

Several photos showed the bright blue bags, each with a sign that featured Facebook’s “F” logo and read “DISINFO KILLS.”

Facebook communications director Andy Stone responded to the protest, calling it a “cheap stunt” and argued that Facebook was taking real steps to combat the flow of disinformation.

“The data shows that 85% of Facebook users in the US have been or want to be vaccinated against COVID-19. President Biden’s goal was for 70% of Americans to be vaccinated by July 4. Facebook is not the reason this goal was missed,” Guy Rosen, Facebook’s VP of Integrity, wrote in the article Stone cited.

The rush to blame Facebook came after President Joe Biden appeared to accuse the social media platform directly of killing people.

Biden later walked back that statement, pivoting just a few days later to pin the blame on specific users rather than the platform as a whole.

Since then, a number of pundits and politicians have attempted to instead pin the blame for the spread of misinformation — specifically with regard to the coronavirus vaccines — on Fox News.