‘America Is Mentally, Emotionally And Spiritually Sick’: Meghan McCain Says New Mask Mandates Aren’t The Problem

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain said Thursday that she believed America was “mentally, emotionally and spiritually sick.”

McCain joined her cohosts on ABC’s “The View” to discuss the CDC’s reversal on mask recommendations and whether or not the newest mandates were following the science. (RELATED: ‘We’re Not Going To Get Better If We Just Keep Blaming Fox News’: Meghan McCain Torches Her Own Show)


Cohost Whoopi Goldberg turned the question to McCain, asking, “Meghan, are the mask mandates going to be the only way out of this? Is it really going to come down to finally everybody put on your mask, we don’t care what you say?”

“I mean, I have a whole different take and perspective on this which I’m sure you’re surprised at, Whoopi,” McCain replied, adding that the news of a mask mandate in Washington, D.C., had taken her by surprise since the vaccination rate there was near the highest in the country and hospitalizations and deaths were down as well.

“So I think at this point following the science is important, but I guess that having this low level of deaths and this low level of — look. I think this is stupid,” McCain continued. “I don’t want to wear a mask anymore. I will because I have to, and ABC mandates it now back in this company. I wonder what’s going to happen going into the fall as the regular flu comes along with obviously more and more variants.”

“I had always been really trepidatious about what the future held because I felt like I had been — if not lied to, if that’s too extreme for all of you — just been given wrong direction that was just amended and amended throughout this entire pandemic,” McCain added, pointing to teachers unions that will still not certain they would be returning to in-person learning.

“America is a mentally, emotionally and spiritually sick as well as having the virus of COVID,” she said. “There are citizens of this country who aren’t going to do this, and they aren’t going to stand for this. What you will end up seeing is a completely divided America where people who don’t want to live under these restrictions and are willing to take the risk no matter the judgment of people on this panel and people in politics, they are willing to take the risks and live in a state that is freer.”