Biden Administration Indicates They Are Open To More Lockdowns If Scientists Recommend Them

Screenshot - Jason Rantz on Twitter

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President Joe Biden’s administration indicated during a Thursday press conference that they would be open to more lockdowns if scientists recommended it.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the lockdowns. He pointed out that Biden had promised lockdowns would not return, but that the president had said the same thing about masks, which are now being recommended again by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (RELATED: Biden Administration Says Federal Employees Now Have To Confirm Vaccination Status Or Risk Various Hurdles)

“Why should Americans trust him now?” Doocy asked.

“Well, because we listen to the scientists,” Jean-Pierre said. “We listen to the experts. This is a public health situation, this is not about politics at all.”

“This is about saving lives, and this is what the president is all about,” she continued. “He wants to make sure that we are saving lives.”

Jean-Pierre claimed that Biden has saved lives, which she argued is obvious in the data from the past six months of fighting the virus and encouraging Americans to get vaccinated.

“Now we’re at a point where we have to double down and make it very very clear to people that we can’t let the pandemic win. We have to continue to fight.”

Doocy asked if the administration would implement shutdowns if scientists came to the conclusion that there should be lockdowns and school closures.

“Well, like I said we listen to the CDC and the experts and their guidance, the CDC is a body that is very well respected,” Jean-Pierre responded.