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Pink Papyrus Is The Answer To All Your Pooch Requirements

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We all must be having our beloved pets back at our homes, providing us with the very required company that we need especially during this pandemic since we cannot interact with a lot of individuals it only used to regularly. However, it takes a lot for a person to take care of their four-legged friends. Some people really have good options available online, and some people prefer going through a number of things before they choose the best kind of products. What about a one-stop-shop for all your pet requirements?

Pink Papyrus is one of those trending companies that deals in refined pet products that most people require, and one of their biggest plus points is that they offer vegan leashes which are not the only environment friendly but also super comfortable. Along with their products, they have proven to be a great competition for other similar businesses and substitutes, since the customers also seem to be pretty satisfied with their brand and their products.

The items that people usually purchase from Pink Papyrus are handmade, and also available in a range of designs. Does your dog really like the colour blue? Don’t worry if the answer is no because they have all kinds of colours available, ranging from the light fairy ones to the dark heavy kind. Make sure that your pet also looks fine, matching with your outfit if you wish so. But what most pet owners are really looking for is comfort, they do not want their beloved pets to go through a hard time. Pink Papyrus eliminates all such possibilities.

Ranging from leashes, collars, bandanas, dog shirts, holders and even waste bags, you name it, they have it! No more going from website to website, now you have everything available right at hand.

The founder and CEO of Pink Papyrus, Christine Abdelmalek, has been a pharmacist, graduating from the field of pharmacy. Since she has always been surrounded by pets she developed a liking towards them, a bit too much, as we can see from the brand. Her husband has also been very supportive since he is a veterinarian. Both of them shared a similar love for animals, wanting to create something unique yet wholesome for them. After all, just like their owners, they are also entitled to a whole lot of luxury with complete comfort.

Now available in more than 1000 PetSmart stores, pink papyrus has become a popular household brand all across the USA and Canada. Make sure you follow them on all their social media handles, who knows you might purchase a complete matching set for your beloved pet.

Website- http://www.pinkpapyrus.com
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/thepinkpapyrus
Instagram- http://www.instagram.com/pink_papyrus

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