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ANALYSIS: What Is Joe Biden Doing To Stand Up To China On COVID-19?

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Dylan Housman Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent
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China is currently being allowed to stonewall any legitimate investigation into the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) with no substantial consequences imposed by the U.S. or international bodies.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) reiterated last week that it won’t cooperate with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) calls for a new probe into the Wuhan lab. The White House said it was “deeply disappointed” in China’s rejection of further inquiry — but offered no response in the form of punishment or coercion.

The CCP has been deceptive since the start of the pandemic. They arrested journalists who tried to document what was unfolding on the ground in Wuhan in the earliest days of the outbreak. They told the WHO there was no evidence the disease could spread from human to human.

Ever since the lab-leak theory gained legitimacy in the public, the CCP has done all it can to throw the international community off its scent on that issue, too. (RELATED: Scientist Recovers Deleted Wuhan Lab Data From NIH Database Suggesting COVID-19 Circulated Before Wet Market Outbreak)

The WHO’s initial investigation and report into a possible lab-leak — the theory that COVID-19 was being held in the WIV for research purposes and was accidentally released through human error — was compromised by China. Certain records were kept secret from investigators, and there were major conflicts of interest among the team of scientists sent by the WHO that rendered the findings of the group useless.

The WHO eventually backtracked from its initial declaration that the lab-leak could almost certainly be ruled out. When the body called for a second, follow-up investigation, China stood firm and refused to cooperate.

It isn’t just the WHO that China is shunning, it’s also the U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration initially called for the WHO to conduct a Phase 2 investigation, before admitting it might be better to have American scientists do it. It said it was “deeply concerned” about the first WHO investigation, and as outlined above, condemned China for its attempts to stonewall.

Still, no concrete action has been taken, nor has there been a plan outlined to do so. The world instead sits in limbo, with everyone outside China asking to be let in, while the CCP happily keeps the door shut and pays no price for it.

The June 2021 G7 summit is a prime example of how the world is talking about China versus how it’s actually dealing with the CCP.

Members of the G7 reiterated calls for a Phase 2 investigation. They did not acknowledge that China kneecapped the first investigation carried out by the WHO, nor did they condemn the suppression of journalists and information by the CCP in the early months of the pandemic, actions which experts say may have cost thousands of lives.

Biden admitted there was no transparency coming from Chinese labs or scientists. Secretary of State Antony Blinken wagged his finger at Chinese President Xi Jinping on Fox News in June. (RELATED: NIH Spent $140 Million On Animal Testing In Foreign Countries Last Year, Watchdog Group Finds)

But China remained steadfast. It’s clear the G7 didn’t refuse to sanction China out of a principled stance against punishment or a distaste for aggressive rhetoric; it issued harsher condemnations to North Korea, Russia, Belarus and others.

In the meantime, while the Biden administration and its allies refuse to act and compel China to cooperate with a legitimate investigation, China continues to flex its muscle on the world stage and make absurd accusations against the U.S.

A spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, recently said the WHO investigation is “inconsistent” with the science and China’s stance on the pandemic. He instead called for the WHO to investigate Fort Detrick, in Maryland, as a potential source of a lab-leak.

Chinese state media has pushed the baseless theory that COVID-19 emerged from Fort Detrick for months. CCP officials have also pointed to frozen food as a potential source, among other factually unsubstantiated theories.

Still, the Biden administration does nothing in response. (RELATED: ANALYSIS: What Is Dr. Fauci Trying To Hide From Rand Paul?)

China has gone largely unpunished for most of its egregious conduct on the world stage recently, so perhaps this is to be expected. The CCP manages to find a way to speak out against every grievance, big or small. Whether it’s a foreign military threat or an “inaccurate” map on display at the Olympics, China defends its image at all costs.

When the CCP commits genocide against the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, though, or cracks down on civil liberties in Taiwan, corporations and governments in the West sit by idly. It appears that’s the current plan of action with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, too.