Meet ‘Libs Of Tik Tok,’ The Twitter Account That’s Exposing The Most Insane People On The Internet

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A Twitter account exploded in recent months and has done the work to expose the most insane people on Tik Tok, a popular video-sharing app.

“Libs of Tik Tok” was created in November of 2020, and in less than a year has amassed a massive following of more than 86,000 people. The account has gotten more than 34,000 followers in the past month alone, and gains an average of more than 1,100 followers a day, according to the social media analytics site Socialblade.

So what’s the appeal? Simply put, Twitter was drawn to the pure, unfiltered extreme views found on TikTok that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. The account owner, who chooses to remain anonymous, told the Daily Caller that the account started out as a way to just compile funny videos that mostly featured cult-like devotion to Dr. Anthony Fauci and people singing songs that praised the vaccine.

“It was just for fun at the beginning,” they said. “It has now become a way of fighting the culture war.” (RELATED: Biden Thanks Commentators On ‘Fax’ News For Telling People To Get Vaccinated)

The most popular videos on the account include seemingly unreasonable COVID-19 safety measures, teachers discussing what they’re saying to children in the classroom, and of course, worship of Fauci.

One video that racked up nearly 100,000 views showed a woman with a silicone bubble around her head, which she said even featured an air filter.

Another video that was liked by more than 1,200 people featured a man who said he made vaccine cardholders and sold them on Etsy. He enthusiastically showed off a holder that said “Fauci ouchie pouchie.”

One woman showed off her Fauci children’s book that she bought at Target.

A woman who claimed to be a fourth-grade teacher bragged about having “racialized conversations all the time” with her students. She asked for advice on what to tell the kids about slang terms, like “oh that’s fire,” which are “probably culturally appropriated from POC  (people of color).”

Of course, some videos were people doing elaborate dances and singing about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

The account owner said that an important part of the Twitter page was proving that critical race theory (CRT) was taught in classrooms, which liberals have repeatedly denied.

“The most impactful right now is the CRT stuff, I think,” they said. “That’s been a big source of disagreement. They claim it’s not being taught. It is. I have proof. I have teachers filming themselves saying they teach it.”

The goal of the account, the owner said, is to raise awareness about the beliefs of the left. Sometimes, they said, people do delete their accounts – which they described as a “bonus.”

Libs of Tik Tok received attention from some of the most influential people on Twitter, including Matt Walsh, Jack Posobiec, Glenn Greenwald, Dave Rubin, James Lindsay, Dinesh D’Souza and countless others.

“They are our neighbors, co-workers, classmates, fellow parents in schools,” the account owner said of the people posting the original videos. “They are taking the division that the establishment is trying to sow, to heart. They are posting about it for their hundreds of thousands or millions of viewers.”

“It’s one thing to hear it in the news, and another thing to actually see it with your own eyes directly from the source of people who agree and believe in the brainwashing.”