Minnesotans File Lawsuits Aimed At ‘Confronting CRT-Inspired Bullying’

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

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Three lawsuits against “CRT-inspired bullying, indoctrination and retaliation” have been filed by Minnesotans, a law center representing the plaintiffs announced during a press briefing Tuesday.

The first lawsuit stems from the demotion of Tara Gustilo, a Filipino-American doctor, who was the chair of obstetrics and gynecology at Hennepin Healthcare System, according to Alfa News.

Gustilo allegedly lost the position “because of her polite opposition to the Critical Race Theory that’s saturating her organization,” Doug Seaton, the president Upper Midwest Law Center, said.

The doctor faced retaliation for her opposition to the way a program she helped launch was beginning to “morph into racially segregated care” and her objection to her department’s support of a Black Lives Matter event which she said violated Health and Human Services’ (HHS) policy, Gustilo alleged.

The second case concerns Joe Norgren, who allegedly was forced to retire early from Minnesota Security Hospital because of the workplace hostility he had to deal with due to his “refusal to subscribe to CRT and abandon [his] religious beliefs,” Alpha News reported.

Norgren, a Native American, had been working at the hospital for 27 years. He alleged that he was required to attend trainings called “How to be Anti-Racist” and “Understanding Gender Identity and Expression,” where America was deemed the source of “racist ideas.”

Norgren’s plea for an exemption from the trainings on religious grounds was allegedly denied. He also claimed that he faced racial discrimination when his employer “attempted to indoctrinate me with the views and theories on race that they believe I should subscribe to as a person of color.”

The third lawsuit was filed by three Lakeville taxpayers against Lakeville Area Schools. The lawsuit accuses the school district of creating a hostile educational environment by “posting ‘BLM’ signs and disallowing ‘All Lives Matter’ signs.” A federal court will adjudicate the case, Alpha News reported. (RELATED: We Checked, And They’re Right; CRT Is Not Being Taught In Schools (Technically))

“The U.S. Constitution, the federal Civil Rights laws, and their Minnesota counterparts don’t permit this race-based discrimination, retaliation, compelled speech, and invasion of privacy,” Seaton said, summing up the rationale behind the lawsuits.