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Patience Is Essential For A Successful Life, Believes Anil Dobani

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Instagram is known as the home of many things, from challenges to models.

With over 1 billion users, according to Ad Espresso, the website is one of the most populated social media platforms in the world, and businesses have realised how important such a platform is to their interests.

Almost every company has a corporate account on Instagram, and a few have several related accounts meant to drive traffic to each other.

Small businesses have also benefited from influencers, allowing them to create affordable social marketing campaigns that increase brand visibility.

Anil Dobani (@anildobani_) is an owner of one of these small brands, dedicated to crafting exquisite jewelry that appeals to his customers’ tastes. He’s managed to garner over 28,000 followers, and that number is still rising. How did he get so popular on such a competitive platform? This article hopes to explore the details.

Loyalty in Clientele

For years, Anil had been doing Instagram marketing for his former employers. Now, he’s leveraged his knowledge for his own brand. Over this time, one of the most vital elements he’s relied on for repeat business is customer loyalty. Repeat business saves him marketing dollars.

As Outbound Marketing states, supporting Anil Dobani’s position, it takes as much as five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain one the business already has. Larger brands sometimes resort to loyalty cards and points to build relationships with customers, but jewelry is not a suitable business to invest in these methods. Instead, he relies on his personality to create a unique experience for each individual who purchases from his store. The result is a customer base that supports his ambitions and keeps coming back time and time again.

Find a Need, Fill a Need

While he can boast the likes of DK Metcalf and Richard Sherman as clients, he also deals with everyday people who want exquisite jewelry. As a jeweler, he knows the value of quality, and he doesn’t try to force his customers into a purchase. Part of why his business is unique is that he tries to locate a price point that a customer is comfortable with. From there, he tries to see what he can do to help the customer make their purchase. Unlike so many other businesses that seem to make profits the focus, Anil’s system tries to make the customer comfortable. He provides a product that they need but does so to make them feel valued as consumers. This type of interaction, especially in an online store, is not something customers are used to. Because of that, they share their experiences, and this nets him even more customers.

Don’t Settle

Anil Dobani’s business is something he came up with, and through hard work and dedication, he was able to turn it into a profitable venture. His advice to new Instagram marketers is to follow their passion and see where it leads. “You don’t always need money to do something,” he says. “You just need patience and a good work ethic to succeed.”

More entrepreneurs will likely start to follow in his footsteps.