‘God Help Us If We Get To Omega’: Donna Brazile Says COVID ‘Has More Legs Than Any Mutant I’ve Ever Seen On HBO’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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ABC’s Donna Brazile encouraged people to get vaccinated as the COVID-19 delta variant surged, warning, “God help us if we get to omega.”

Brazile commented on the rising number of cases — and of developing variants — during a Sunday appearance on “This Week” with host Jonathan Karl. (RELATED: ‘It’s White Supremacy We’re Fighting, Not Just White Candidates’: Donna Brazile Spars With Lawrence Jones)


Brazile claimed that the only way to stop the continued mutations of the novel coronavirus was for everyone to get the vaccine.

“It’s not over until the American people say it’s over. It’s not over until everyone is vaccinated,” she said. “I mean, this virus has more legs than any mutant I’ve ever seen on HBO.”

Brazile went on to say that although the delta variant was certainly the most prevalent, it had started with the alpha variant and there had been several others as well.

“God forbid if we get to omega,” she added. “The virus is going to mutate until we all receive the vaccine that can help us save not just our lives but the lives of other people.”

Noting the politicization and polarization around COVID-19, Brazile argued that there should be more input from doctors and scientists and less from politicians — even those in leadership positions.

“I don’t want to hear from Joe Biden, McCarthy, Pelosi, Mcconnell, Schumer. I want to hear from my doctor. I want to hear from the scientists. The more we hear from them, the less this polarization on who should get vaccinated,” Brazile explained. “We should all try to protect each other, especially our children, those who have not received any vaccines. I’m speaking up today for the babies. Let’s protect those children.”