Give Your Body The Workout It Needs With Just 10 Minutes of Vibrations

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Getting a toned, fit body can be a struggle with a big-time commitment in time and equipment. But what if you could have the body you want in just 10 minutes a day? That’s the promise with Vibrotone Whole-Body Vibration Fitness Platform that will give you the results you crave and the body you want.

Vibrotone is a platform that uses multidirectional vibration technology that gets your body in shape. By standing, squatting, and exercising on the platform, the vibrations will sculpt, transform and redefine your body from head to toe. Ten minutes of use is equal to 30 minutes of swimming or yoga, or one hour of riding or jogging.

Why go running or walking when you can get the same results in just 10 minutes on the Vibrotone? It has three training channels to simulate running, jogging, and walking. And when you include the three different levels of resistance bands, your training is kicked up a notch. The resistance levels are 25, 30, and 36 pounds, allowing you to choose how much effort you’ll need to put in.

Past users have been amazed by the Vibrotone, giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with 75 percent of those reviews giving it a perfect 5.

Vibrotone is safe and secure thanks to rubber sucker cups that keep it in place while you do the work. The cups keep everything stable, allowing you to exercise in peace knowing the platform isn’t going to slip out from under you. And it can take on up to 350 pounds of weight, so it’s perfect for just about anybody.

The Vibrotone Whole Body Vibration Fitness Platform comes with three resistance bands, a remote control, and an instruction manual, so you’re ready to go from the moment you take it out of the box. And that box is available at a special price. Normally listed at $199, it can be yours for a limited time for just $169.99, a savings of 14 percent.

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