‘We Don’t Know Who These People Are’: Victor Davis Hanson Says Biden Border Crisis Is Like The End Of The Roman Empire

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution Victor Davis Hanson said Monday that the current crisis at the southern border is like the last days of the Roman Empire.

“When we look at people crossing the border … we don’t know who these people are, Tucker, we don’t know if they speak our language or share our values, we don’t even know if they’ve ever voted before and the idea that the moment they come across in the first decision they made was to break U.S. Law,” Hanson told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“When that happens and we are no different than the Rome with people in the late Fifth Century A.D. coming across the Roman borders — Huns, Vandals, Goths with no difference in their status and Roman citizens and you know what happened after that.”

The Roman Empire gradually collapsed from internal turmoil.

Hanson said it was important to remember that people who illegally cross the border but are not turned back “will be able to reside here illegally, they would be coequal to a citizen defies the whole concept of civilization.”(RELATED: Failure Of Action’: Lara Logan Says Biden Wants To ‘Obliterate Immigration Law’ And ‘Open The Border’)

Hanson argued that the Biden administration is not only intent upon destroying the Electoral College system of voting and to interfere with voter integrity laws but wants to bring Democratic voters into the country without any administrative delay.

“They feel the constituency of the present demography is not on their side so they can’t wait to legally have  residents come with green cards and go through the lengthy process of citizenship because they don’t think they’re going to be in power so they won’t have this moment … so they know they know that citizenship is the foundation of western civilization,” he said.

The academic said that attitude betrays millennia of tradition. “We are permanent fixed peoples, we have identifiable borders, and we can make our own laws and elect their own officials and take governance into our own hands. We can’t do that if we are migratory tribes or we don’t have a settled space or we don’t have shared in a collective customs and traditions that develop from the settlement,” he said. (RELATED: ‘Every State Is Now A Border State’: Former DHS Secretary Says Biden Administration Is ‘Breaking The System’)

Vice President Kamala Harris has stated that prospective immigrants to the United States should not enter the United States illegally, but did not say whether border patrol would begin turning more migrants back.

Biden’s eight-year path to citizenship plan would allow all illegal immigrants living in the U.S. as of Jan. 1, 2021, to achieve temporary legal status in five years and to apply for citizenship after an additional three years. White House press secretary Jen Psaki has blamed the Trump administration for the surge of illegal immigrants at the border.