Democrats Arrested While Protesting Outside Supreme Court

Screenshot/Twitter/Congressman Al Green

Gabrielle Temaat Contributor
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Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green and state Rep. Ron Reynolds were arrested Tuesday while protesting “voter suppression” outside of the Supreme Court Tuesday, Fox News reported.

Capitol Police approached the two congressmen as they stood next to each other singing “We Shall Overcome,” according to Fox News.

Two officers placed wristbands on Green and Reynold’s wrists before escorting them away, Fox News. (RELATED: ANALYSIS: Here’s A Handy Guide To All The Things Democrats Call ‘Voter Suppression’)

Police said that three “protestors” were “arrested for crowding, obstructing, or incommoding,” but they did not name the third individual, Fox News reported.

Green posted a video of the incident on Twitter Tuesday.

The Texas Democratic Party showed support for the congressmen in a tweet.

“Texas Democrats are still risking it all to protect our democracy — including facing arrest for protesting to defend our right to vote. We proudly stand with @ronereynolds and @RepAlGreen for being unapologetic voices for our rights during this movement,” said the party.

A few other Democratic figures have been arrested at protests in recent weeks.

Georgia Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson was arrested at a voting rights protest for “crowding, obstructing, or incommoding.” Democratic civil rights activist Jesse Jackson and 38 others were arrested for refusing to leave Arizona Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s office. Jackson was arrested again a week later while participating in a protest for election reform.