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Artist Booking Expert Josh Bru Expands His Influence All Over Chicago

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Among all the cities in the United States, Chicago definitely knows how to keep the party going. The city has a thrilling nightlife scene, from exciting dance floors and comedy nights to lively night parties. There is no better place in the US to have fun than Chicago when it comes to nightlife.

Josh Brusilovsky is an artist booking expert and an organizer behind some electrifying after-parties across Chicago. Josh Bru, as he is widely known, ventured into the entertainment industry four years ago, starting as a promoter for smaller nightlife venues in the city. He was a business student at DePaul University and the promotions were his side hustle.

Josh Bru did the promotions for a couple of years before starting his own entertainment company. The company was doing extremely well, making him the leading talent buyer in Chicago’s nightlife scene. He has booked over $250,000 in artists throughout different venues in the city and other cities in the US. Before the pandemic, Josh had employed over a dozen promoters who promoted his gigs and events throughout all the colleges in Chicago.

An ambitious business person, Josh started eyeing the high-ticket artists to book. He created partnerships with celebrities, popular music festivals, and other powerful organizations in Chicago to gain access to such artists exclusively. He works by partnering with a venue, typically a nightclub or concert hall, and then attracts attendees. He markets the events in a vigorous full-scale promotional campaign throughout Chicago. This is usually done by his promoters. He typically focuses on a social media campaign including giveaways and prizes. This encompasses the use of different promotional techniques meant to increase ticket sales and foot traffic.

Attracting bottle service clients is never a big challenge for Josh. He puts into use his long Rolodex of previously existing clients that he has established over the years. However, he acknowledges that booking artist is the most expensive part and the most critical. According to him, a successful event generates a nightly income that is 3-4 times the cost of the artist. This he believes is an excellent metric to constantly make money. He has worked with some of the most prominent names in the entertainment industry including Travis Scott, Blueface, 24kGold, Jack Harlow, Playboi Carti, DJ Khaled, Saweetie, and Shoreline Mafia.

Expanding into artist management and A&R is his recent move, and Josh promises to revolutionize the scene. He wants to be involved more with the artists’ careers by working hands-on with them. He plans to utilize the connections he has established over the years. Making use of such connections and his experience in the management role will help improve an artist’s career.

Josh Bru is focused on delivering high-quality management services that are tailored to his marketing expertise. He targets working with upcoming artists who need guidance and help to manage and scale their brands. He understands most of the industry’s dynamics, placing him in a better position than some existing managers.

Every artist aspires to work with a credible, trustworthy, and experienced manager, and that’s what Josh is all about. He has built a reputable brand for himself that most artists desire to be part of. He wants to boost the career of artists he works with and give them a launchpad to be successful in their journey in the music industry.