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How Michael Drager Is Gaining a Reputation on Social Media in Talent Management

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Social media has been the best platform for businesses to find and connect with new models. Just like how models thrive on the platform to be discovered, businesses too use it to hire promising models. Michael Drager, popularly known as Draco is one such social media mogul who utilized social media platforms to scale up his business. He ventured into business with his talent management company, Draco Enterprises. Since then he has managed to rise in popularity on social media, gaining over 124k followers on Instagram.

Michael Drager is gifted with good entrepreneurial and management skills. Under his leadership, Draco Enterprises has grown exponentially generating a six-figure revenue every month. He has a keen eye for market trends and a passion for accelerating brand engagement. This explains the tremendous reach of Draco Enterprises and the rising fame of its models.

Draco Enterprises boasts of working with some of the hottest models in the industry, giving them the best opportunity to showcase their skills. This company is a passion project for Michael and his first step towards achieving his goal. He is working relentlessly to grow this company and venture into mainstream entertainment in the near future.

To fulfill his dream of creating his own legacy in the entertainment industry, Michael will soon launch his own production company in adult entertainment. Content has always been his prime concern in all of his ventures. His production company will be no exception to that. His production company will present diverse and fresh perspectives to the viewers in stunning locations and premium studios. A dedicated team is already working hard to shape his dream into reality with high-quality content that audiences will enjoy.

Michael’s introduction to the adult entertainment industry happened long before he ventured into business. Growing up in Chicago, his first exposure to the world of adult entertainment was through an upscale gentlemen’s club owned by his grandfather. The exponential success of the club ignited his dream of building his own empire in the entertainment world. To achieve this, he is prepared to overcome every challenge that will come his way.

Michael believes that there is no dearth of models in the industry. One simply needs to have the eye for it to discover new models. As his company has been thriving on fresh models so far, he is hoping to continue with the same strategy and work with more new models in the future.

Michael Drager has already begun his journey towards his goal with Draco Enterprises. He is planning to branch out the business and venture into media and entertainment to make his mark in film and television. He is optimistic about his next venture with his production company. This will unlock more opportunities for him in mainstream entertainment.

With a clear focus on quality content and innovative strategies for media marketing, Michael is all set to explore new avenues for success. He has clear intentions to go ahead with his business plans until he turns them into reality. Within a year into the modeling industry, Michael has achieved a lot of wonderful milestones. Considering his previous accomplishments, his future endeavors are looking more exciting than ever.