‘I Don’t Care What Brings Him Down’: Janice Dean Says Cuomo Should Face The Music On Nursing Home Deaths Too

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean laid into Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday.

Dean spoke with the hosts of “Outnumbered” after Democratic New York Attorney Gen. Letitia James announced the findings of the sexual harassment investigation into Cuomo, and she said that while she certainly wanted justice for the New York seniors who died of COVID-19 in nursing homes — two of whom were her in-laws — she was happy to see him facing accountability for his actions in this case. (RELATED: As Part Of His Defense, Gov. Cuomo Broadcasts Slideshow Of Him Kissing Men And Women Of All Ages)


“I have always said that I don’t care what brings him down,” Dean said, offering her support to the women who had come forward to tell their stories about his behavior towards them. “To these strong women today, I stand with you, I’m holding your hand in unity. Brave, brave women that came forward. It just shows you the power and abuse that this man thought he had, and he has been doing it for years now.”

Dean went on to say that those who had lost loved ones in New York’s nursing homes — after Cuomo issued an order March 25, 2020, directing those facilities to accept patients with no regard to their COVID-19 status — were still seeking justice, but that if the sexual harassment scandal was what it took to get him out of office, she could accept that.

“Today, I embrace, I salute, I thank the Lord for these women that were brave enough to tell their stories and show what a monster this man is,” Dean added.

“I remember being in the Trump White House,” host Kayleigh McEnany replied. “Every day, we were compared to the great Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is holding those press conferences, while making horrible decisions in the background on nursing homes. He tried to deflect blame to the former president on that. We saw some form of accountability today. Do you think we will see the governor step down, move aside?”

Dean said that she did not expect to see Cuomo resign, arguing instead that the New York State Assembly should stand up and impeach him.

“They’ve had enough for weeks! They continue to stonewall. Now is the time to get the impeachment going. We need those lawmakers to stand up,” Dean added. “They need to do that today and make sure impeachment is underway. Listen, I want justice for my in-laws, just as for the 15,000 that aren’t able to testify. If this is easier to digest for Democrats to get rid of this guy, I’m all for it.”