Katie Pavlich Says People Defending Kamala Harris ‘Are Weaponizing Race And Gender To Cover Up Her Failure’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News’ Katie Pavlich said Tuesday that people defending Vice President Kamala Harris were “weaponizing race and gender to cover up her failure.”

Pavlich joined “The Five” to talk about Harris’ disappointing popularity numbers as well as the number of people who had suggested she was only lagging in popularity because she was a woman of color. (RELATED: ‘You’re Better Than That’: Everyone Groans When Richard Fowler Claims Media Is Mean To Kamala Harris Because She’s A Woman)


Co-host Geraldo Rivera tackled the popularity question first, saying that Harris certainly was a historic figure as the first black woman to serve as vice president but that she had struggled with popularity even before taking on the job.

“Remember, she got knocked out of the primaries, like in the first 6 minutes. She is — and I say this bearing in mind that I just said how historically significant she is, she is also unpleasant,” he said. “And she is also unfocused. If you are unpleasant and unfocused, you’re not going be popular.”

Co-host Greg Gutfeld directed the question to Pavlich then, saying that she was both “pleasant and focused.”

“Oh, thank you, I appreciate that, Greg. Is flattery week continuing? Apparently so,” Pavlich laughed. “On the vice president, they are weaponizing race and gender to cover up her failure. And there are real consequences to this on the border.”

Noting that Harris had been charged with handling the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, Pavlich also pointed out that no one in President Joe Biden’s administration was discussing any connection between the effectively open southern border and the rise in COVID-19 cases all across the country.

“President Biden was out there just a couple of minutes ago blaming Greg Abbott for the increase in cases when the federal government is flooding the state with thousands of illegal immigrants every single day,” Pavlich concluded. “They are not testing them. Many of them are getting on buses and going to the states.”