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FFL USA And Andrew Taylor Are Making A Difference In The Insurance Industry

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Life insurance provider Family First Life USA has been in the industry for just over seven years and has already made a notational impact! FFL has protected thousands of families in the United States and by doing so, has attracted a strong following. Andrew Taylor, 31, the organization’s founder, has been one of the pioneers of this movement and says the organization is just getting started.

True to its name, Family First Life USA prioritizes securing the future of families with their life insurance policies, while also providing career opportunities to individuals who are looking to take their financial situations to the next level.

As one of the largest independent marketing organizations in the United States, FFL USA is projected to do over $300 million dollars in revenue in 2021. The IMO has a unique way of acquiring new clients that allow its agents to work without pressure. Rather than having the agents cold call potential leads, they created a lead generation system that allows the agents to contact warm leads who have already requested to learn more about life insurance.

In addition to a proven lead generation system, Family First Life USA provides its agents with significantly higher compensation than its competitors, making it the perfect environment to attract high quality agents.

In 2020, Integrity Marketing Group acquired FFL USA, thus expanding the operations of the IMO. In addition, this made Andrew Taylor a managing partner in Integrity Marketing Group. This is a prestigious position for Andrew, as only 80 out of 2 million agents nationwide are a part of this group.

Andrew accredits much of his organization’s success to its hard working and talented agents. Hence, FFL USA is keen on fostering a culture of encouragement, respect, and integrity. He also believes in the importance of fair compensation. Most insurance agencies pay their agents small commissions while deducting petty fees to ensure the company can make as much money as possible. At FFL, their philosophy is different. They believe in paying their agents as much as possible to incentivize them to continue working hard.

Making a difference in the insurance industry is a difficult task to say the least, but Andrew’s desire to help protect families with FFL USA’s services, along with his dream of helping his agents achieve financial freedom through FFL USA’s compensation plan, has allowed him to rise to the top of the industry, and according to him, he’s just getting started.

You can learn more about Andrew Taylor and his mission on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can also check out FFL USA on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.