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Genblock Capital Founder Bilal Junaid Works with The Top Players in The Venture Capital Industry

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For years, venture capital financing has been a great source of capital for start-ups. Venture capital provides money and professional insights on how to run and grow small businesses with profit-making goals. Venture capitalists are typically business experts who invest their money in an extensive company portfolio and capitalize on their broad business networks to grow start-ups. Their investment knowledge and business management experience are as essential as the capital invested.

Bilal Junaid is a highly innovative and creative mind in the capital venture industry. He has an outstanding personality, extreme talent, and a genius mind when it comes to creating and finding opportunities. Bilal is well versed with the capital venture industry and has helped many start-ups grow and realize their potential. He also serves as a board member in several companies, such as APY Finance and is an advisor for numerous technology start-ups.

Through his venture fund, Bilal has been an early investor in 120+ technology companies such as Polkadot, Filecoin, FTX, Solana, Claystack, Manta Network, and others.

His venture fund has deployed over $30M into various tech companies across the USA, Asia, and the European Union. The investments are spread across vast areas, including blockchain, AR/VR, among many others. As a top investor in the industry, Bilal has worked with some of the top players in the venture capital industry in Silicon Valley. His understanding of how the industry operates makes him the perfect investor to work with.

He also works with some of the best trading desks globally, particularly in the digital assets markets spread across the world that are based in Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York. Bilal has traversed the world, teaching entrepreneurs how to enhance their chances for business success. His natural business skills have propelled him to success in a shorter time than he anticipated.
He started at Amazon Web Services distributing systems while still in college. He has worked for four years as a Senior Engineer for Prezi in San Francisco. Working at the two companies exposed him to the world of venture capital. He quickly learned the industry’s basics while still sharpening his business skills.

Academically, Bilal holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechatronics Engineering, and he was named on the Dean’s Honors list for six semesters, ranking among the top ten in his classes. While at school, Bilal was active in computer science and robotics competitions. He was fascinated with the tech world.

Bilal is working hard to cement his position in the industry. He keeps a close eye on the latest exciting business ideas and startups. Bilal is open to considering many ideas as long as he can see potential.

Hard work and making the right business calls are vital to success in business at any stage.