Alando Tucker Releases Statement, Says ‘Most’ Allegations Against Him Aren’t Based In Truth

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports via Reuters

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Former Wisconsin basketball coach Alando Tucker has broken his silence after being accused of attempting to overthrow Greg Gard.

Tucker and the Badgers parted ways several months ago, and the reason why was because the former Wisconsin star allegedly attempted to orchestrate a coup against the head coach, according to an explosive article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

The piece read like a Tom Clancy novel, and is hands down one of the best pieces that I’ve ever read when it comes to college basketball. Well, Tucker is now speaking up and claims “most” of the claims against him are based on lies.

Tucker stated the following in part in his statement:

Since the end of my tenure with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s athletic department, I have been focused on a peaceful and amicable transition for my family and those associates, student athletes and peers I left behind. For months, however, I have been the target of slanderous articles, conversations, tweets and messages concerning my exit from UW-Madison, most of which have been based upon falsehoods, mistaken assumptions and misguided opinions.

I have consistently proven myself to be loyal, trustworthy and a role model to those around me. My reputation precedes me and remains unshakable amidst the accusations, media spins, speculations, bullying, misrepresentations and fabrications I now face.

For that reason, I speak now only to confirm to those who support and respect me that I am a man of honor and integrity and would never jeopardize either for a dollar or a title. Although this has been a disheartening experience, my family and I are very happy to start our next chapter and don’t despise our time at UW-Madison, as we have forged lifelong bonds and made many great memories.

You can read his full statement in the link in the tweet below.

Notice what is missing in the article? Tucker never straight up denied trying to get Gard fired or leaking the recording of players complaining.

He said “most” of what is out there isn’t based on accurate information. However, he didn’t give specifics.

If he didn’t do any of those things, why wouldn’t he deny them as flatly as possible?

Something here smells fishy, and I doubt I’m the only one to feel that way. Tucker’s statement didn’t put anything to rest for me.

In fact, it only raised more questions about what’s going on because he didn’t deny specific allegations.

We’ll see where Tucker ends up next, but for the time being, I’d be shocked if he coached college basketball in the near future.