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Cultivate Lasting Symphony with Craig Siegel

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At the very forefront of Cultivate Lasting Symphony’s website, a movement started by Craig Siegel, is the tagline, “Manufacturing Breakthroughs.” Behind the slogan is the founder himself, standing confidently beside a world globe. All these images point to the very heart of this company that aims to harness the true potential of every person that welcomes changes.

Cultivate Lasting Symphony is a brand launched by New York-based entrepreneur and keynote speaker Craig Siegel that offers life coaching, group mentoring, and tangible tools and techniques. The program boasts of its “Moonshot Masterpiece Experience,” a program that aims to enhance one’s overall thinking towards goals. The experience is designed into three elements: mindset revamps, structure, and accountability.

The first element in Craig Siegel’s Moonshot Masterpiece Experience is the mindset revamp, which the CLS team considers essential to making a game plan fruitful. The second is the forming of an established system to remove procrastination from one’s habits. Craig adds that the structure and mindset should complement each other and must be in a seamless symphony.

Accountability, the last but equally important element in the Moonshot Masterpiece Experience, is all about making yourself aware of what’s in it for you. This element encourages prospective members to take advantage of Craig’s incomparable coaching to get the most out of their potential. This experience aims to convince every individual that, given the proper disposition, no challenge is too difficult to conquer.

Craig Siegel, the brains behind this incredible movement, started his career on Wall Street after college. Despite the success and the stability he earned from his corporate job, the idea of pursuing entrepreneurship, given his creativity, was always on Craig’s mind. For him, doing what you love and loving what you do is all-important to set one’s soul on fire.

With a solid desire to help people be the best version of themselves, Craig left his job in the corporate world. He started his own company, which he prefers to refer to as a movement, and later named it Cultivate Lasting Symphony, taken from his initials. This was just the start of the countless triumphs Craig would accomplish with his CLS team.

When Craig decided to launch Cultivate Lasting Symphony on digital and social media platforms, he had modest expectations. Little did he know, he was building a brand that would earn him not only massive financial success but also reach audiences on a broader scale. Craig ventured into other markets like hosting a highly successful podcast and becoming a social media influencer, as evidenced by his strong presence on Instagram.

The success of his movement opened the doors for Craig Siegel to work with some big names in the business and entertainment industries. He regularly collaborates with Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment CEO David Meltzer on his podcast entitled “The CLS Experience.” Other notable personalities featured on his show are E! Entertainment founder Alan Mruvka, wrestler Mickie James, and UFC superstar Stephen Thompson.

Craig advocates a healthy confidence among his followers through his Facebook posts and YouTube videos. He used this same confidence to build his movement from basically nothing but grit and passion for helping others. As he once stated, it’s not always talent that can take people to places; their willingness to change their patterns can, too.

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