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Sobia A. Shaikh: Lifestyle Trendsetter and Influencer From San Francisco

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Before you begin your journey to becoming an influencer, it’s imperative to identify your niche. It would be best to decide on a niche that you are passionate about and are able to create relevant content consistently. You will need to ask yourself several questions ranging from what you love, what you are good at, and what is your passion.

Becoming an influencer will also require a lot of patience, hard work, and determination. It’s key to go for something you’re interested in so you will have fun while investing your energy and time.

Sobia A.Shaikh is one of the famous lifestyle influencers from San Francisco. She has beaten all odds to become a fashion trendsetter in the modern world. At 51 years old, she is a wife and a wonderful mother to her two children. Sobia doubles as a social media content manager and a digital content creator.

Before moving to San Francisco, Sobia worked simultaneously as a fashion model and an advertiser in her birth town of Karachi, Pakistan. At 16 years old, she was hired by a modeling agent and joined the modeling industry for 11 years. It was during her modeling period that she learned a lot about fashion and Pakistani designers.

In 1997, Sobia A.Shaikh married, and with her husband, moved to San Francisco, where they reside today. She successfully opened her own business dealing with custom and woven clothing. Soon after, she started a handbag line, ISLY Handbags. Her unique sense of style and design saw her handbags make it into several stores and boutiques across the country. The designs were also featured in publications, such as The New York Times, InStyle, People, C Magazine, PopSugar, and SFGATE.

For seven years, Sobia worked on her fashion and design business and made huge profits. After some time, she realized that the business had taken a toll on her and her family. Sobia decided to close the business to concentrate on taking care of her two children at home. During this period, she focused on her growing audience on her social media accounts and engaged with them. She enjoyed sharing fashion and lifestyle ideas with her audience who believed in her ideologies. This helped her social media followers to grow daily.

During this time, her creativity bug led her to start an influential blog, www.shaikhenandstirred.com. The blog has become so popular and has now turned into a business as people have started viewing her as an influencer. Through the blogs, Sobia has transformed lives through her lifestyle posts, events, fashion, food, décor, travel, beauty, and other aesthetically pleasing aspects of her life.

Sobia has attended several fashion weeks in New York and Paris. She has also partnered with several brands that are still her clients, such as Dry Creek Vineyards, Vice Wine, Podcast W/Interior Designer, the launch of Qatar Airline, and others.

Sobia states that she didn’t begin her blogging journey as a business, and she isn’t into competition with anyone. However, her digital content creation has somehow become a very successful and joyful business, and she is enjoying every moment of the journey.