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How Being A Risk-Taker Made Kamil Misztal A Massive Success

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Risks always come before greatness. If you’re not ready to put something on the line, whether it be time, effort, or money, you won’t be able to reach the pinnacle of your career. However, once you’re ready to take risks to go forward on your journey, success will follow. Self-made millionaire Kamil Misztal is a testimony to that. Kamil Misztal – Biography – IMDb

Kamil currently owns a THC/CBD brand based in Chicago, and he’s also steadily making his name in the world of Bitcoin. However, before he became a $15M successful entrepreneur, he was a nobody who had to work at the young age of 13 to make ends meet. What it took for him to reach massive success in the entrepreneurial industry is his risk-taking attitude.

He saved up money through his earnings from grocery stores and car detailing shops and opened his own business at the age of 17. As soon as he got his commercial driver’s license the following year, he sold his detail shop to buy some trucks. This shows Kamil’s business sense.

He did manual labor for years to save up for a venture that he was not even certain would work out. He finally started a  business that took a lot of money for him to open, and then sold it again for another endeavor in hopes of earning more. However, if it weren’t for the risks he took and his confidence in himself, he would still be working for someone else for small financial rewards.

Years passed, and Kamil continued to make a profit from his trucking company. He was also able to provide job opportunities for the drivers he hired for his business. However, his heart was still yearning for something else.

If there’s one thing that Kamil has a strong passion for, it is cars. He decided that if he’s going to make money as an entrepreneur, he might as well do it with what he loves. By the time he was 27, he had sold his trucking company and opened an exotic car rental company with his trusted business partner.

He took the risk to sell his trucking company to pursue his love for cars, and this is not a decision many would have been able to make. However, not once did Kamil waiver nor regret it. He believed in his skills in managing a business and was confident that he made the right choice. That doesn’t change the fact that it was a considerable risk for him to take.

Fast forward to today, Kamil is now making millions through his business. His profession also allowed him to work with some of the most renowned rappers and social media influencers. If he gave in to the fear of losing what he had already spent in time, effort, and money, he wouldn’t have been able to be the success he is today.