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Self-Taught Private Investor “Jay” Jiang Yu Has a Relentless Passion for International Business

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When you have an undying passion for what you have purposed to do in life, a relentless drive and the willpower to be on top of the world, then your background doesn’t matter. “Jay” Jiang Yu is a clear example that passion is an extraordinary force that can unleash your innate potential, take risks, overcome obstacles and achieve your dreams. At 41, the intuitive entrepreneur, self-made investor, CEO and founder from the United States grew up with a relentless passion for international business. This has helped him achieve so much in the business world, developing key, strategic, and valuable worldwide relationships.

Jiang Yu, a private investor in public and private sectors, acts as a corporate advisor to numerous companies for services such as IPO listings, capital funding, expert market analysis and structured financing. He is also a strategic consultant who has made a name for himself through his unique blend of business development processes and strategy. Mr. Yu has also been assisting businesses to endure and thrive during their start-up challenges and setbacks.

Jiang Yu attributes his current success to hard work, well-calculated moves and taking risks. A forward thinker, Jay’s persistence and boundless mindset have seen him sign lucrative deals, travelling across the continents while nurturing business relationships. This has seen him invest in various business establishments ranging from Fintech and blockchain, cannabis, blood and diagnostics to distinguished companies like Airbnb.

The most distinctive aspect of his entrepreneurial aptitude is associating himself with ambitious people with humongous dreams and not comfortable and satisfied with their present-day achievements. Jiang is surrounded by people who are always looking forward to learning and achieving more. This has pushed Jiang to travel across the globe to pursue international businesses and relations with renowned people to grow and achieve more. However, Jiang advises that it’s vital to know and understand your business associates and partners. You should always ensure that they are detail-oriented and aligned with your working principles and goals.

Currently, Jiang’s net worth stands at $50M, and he is not ready to give up his passion for achieving more. Being a first-generation immigrant who experienced racism, he was surrounded by poverty and grew up on government assistance. His parents could not afford quality education for him and ended working as a sweatshop baby. Jiang would later join the City College of New York to earn a BA in psychology while still working full-time. He is also an active Philanthropist and the founder of LunarNYC, a non-profit organization giving back to the community by nurturing New York City kids through sports and education. Jiang is also a member of Nu Alpha Phi, serving as a mentor to college students and new graduates.

As a self-taught investor, Jiang has always been willing to take significant risks of both money and time to incubate and build businesses to ensure that everybody prospers.

“Dedicate yourself to something you are passionate about that can also provide solutions to people. Just make sure you wake up excited about your business. Embrace failure or loss along the way, but be positive to learn the lesson and move on. Investors will feel and see your passion and want to partner with you,” Jiang concludes.