REPORT: Alleged Antifa Members Clash With Christian Prayer Service

Twitter/Screenshot of Video

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A Christian prayer service being held in Portland, Oregon, was reportedly attacked by alleged members of Antifa on Saturday, however the exact motive for the clash remains unclear.

The service led by Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski, who gained notoriety after denouncing police who entered his Calgary church, was being held in downtown Portland when a number of people armed with melee weapons and shields descended on the area, according to the Post Millenial.

Video of the attack was posted by journalist Andy Ngo on Twitter, who alleged that the assailants were “a large group of antifa”. The video shows members of the group spraying attendees of the service and knocking over audio equipment. (RELATED: Andy Ngo Was Savagely Attacked By Antifa … Again)

“We were about to have a worship event, and Antifa just rolled in lie an angry mob,” a woman in a second video posted by Ngo alleged, claiming that the group  “started throwing flash bombs at everybody and macing everybody. Rotten eggs at everybody, black paint. They threw a flash bomb at a group of kids that were out there from four months to ten years old.”

Ngo later quoted tweets from alleged Antifa members claiming that the audio equipment used for the service had been thrown into the river and that food and water at the event had been taken and redistributed to the homeless.

According to Ngo and the Post Millenial, police were allegedly called during the incident, but allegedly did not intervene or make arrests. A July 21 tweet from Ngo alleged that Antifa was planning to disrupt the service.

Antifa and the Proud Boys also reportedly clashed near the site of the service, according to Portland Police Bureau spokesman Derek Carmon told the local outlet that “No arrests were made and no one came forward to report any crimes that we are aware of. Police had no interaction with either group today.”