Caretaker Charged With Murder After 70-Year-Old Woman Found Buried In Concrete


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A North Carolina caretaker has been arrested and charged after the 70-year-old woman she was caring for was found dead inside a mound of concrete.

The woman had previously been reported missing and had not spoken to her family since mid-June. Detectives had visited the home of the missing woman and discovered that her car was missing, according to WXII.  (RELATED: Dad Charged With Beating 6-Year-Old Son To Death)

The missing vehicle was found miles away locked and abandoned with two empty 80-pound concrete bags in the trunk which prompted another search back at the house according to a warrant. Detective Tim Austin said after finding the vehicle, he “knew something was up,” according to WBTV.

The woman was found in her basement by investigators who were searching for her when they saw a mound of concrete. There were flies everywhere, according to investigators at the scene. Once officials broke into the concrete, they noticed human remains, according to a report from WBTV

Elizabeth Carserino was hired by the family of the 70-year-old woman to be a live-in caregiver, according to WBTV. Carserino had been deemed a person of interest over the course of the investigation.

Upon further inspection by officials, dental records confirmed the identity of the deceased. “She had blunt force trauma to the head as well as strangulation by ligature, it was a belt,” said Austin, according to WBTV. Officials said they believe someone else may have been involved because the two 80-pound concrete bags would’ve been too much for Carserino to handle by herself.

Carserino has a bond set at $1.6 million dollars.

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