Country Singer Clare Dunn Reveals She Was Violently Beaten Up By Lyft Driver

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Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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Country-music artist Clare Dunn told People Magazine she was assaulted by a Lyft driver in June who left her bloody and bruised.

“I had that intuition that something was wrong, and I ignored it,” Dunn, 34, told People. (RELATED: Lyft Driver Charged For Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Teen Passenger)

The driver, a “6’2”-6’3” 250 lb. man,” according to an incident report obtained by People Magazine, was caught early Tuesday, The New York Post reported.

Dunn and her friend ordered a Lyft to drive them home after a night on the town in Nashville, according to People. After the driver dropped off Dunn’s friend and proceeded to go to Dunn’s residence, the country singer asked the driver to take the “slower route” instead of going on the highway.

“We were barreling towards the interstate and I spoke up and was like, ‘Hey, that was my turn. Where are you going? You need to take the next right turn,’” Dunn told People. The driver screamed at her and pulled the car over a mile away from Dunn’s house, People reported.

“Before I could even get my shoes off or get my phone to try and call 911, he grabbed me by the collar, ripped me out of the backseat and slammed me face-first down into a ditch,” Dunn told People. “Somehow in the scuffle, I thought I called 911, but I didn’t even get the number right. But it was a miracle. They called me back. And when I came to, I was screaming, and I saw headlights. He ended up just leaving me alone at that point and took off.”

Dunn ran home, according to People. Her friend told Dunn she “had this feeling” about the Lyft driver, People reported.

“She said, ‘I so wanted to just tell you to get out,’” Dunn told People.

“This has been hell,” Dunn added. “I don’t want anyone else to go through it.”

There is a warrant out for the driver’s arrest, according to People, and Dunn is confident he will be caught.