ANALYSIS: ‘Cuomosexual’ Has Redefined Terms Not Aging Well

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Greg Price Contributor
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The fall from grace of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York was completed on Tuesday as he announced his resignation, effective in fourteen days.

It was not that long ago, however, that Cuomo was the darling of the Democratic Party and corporate media, who fawned over his press conferences in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some were even speculating that Cuomo could replace Biden on the 2020 Democratic ticket for president.

Many went even further and declared their love for the governor, leading to the popularity of the term “Cuomosexual.”

The term was originally popularized by comedian Randy Rainbow, who released a music video in April 2020 setting it to the tune of “Sandy” from the musical “Grease” that has been viewed nearly two and a half million times on YouTube.

Daily Show host Trevor Noah also joined in on the lust for the New York governor, declaring during an episode of his show that “my Tinder profile now lists me as a Cuomosexual.”

“I agree with you. I feel like I’m a Cuomosexual too,” comedian Ellen DeGeneres told Noah during a segment of her show.

“It’s okay, these feelings are perfectly natural,” joked comedian Stephen Colbert during an April 2020 episode of The Late Show. “Many Americans experience moments of being at least Andrew-curious, if not fully Cuomo-sexual.” (RELATED: How Andrew Cuomo Went From America’s ‘Love Gov’ To Fending Off Calls For His Resignation In Less Than 12 Months)

Cuomosexual merchandise eventually became a popular seller on craft supplier Etsy. New York fashion designer Lingua Franca even released a $400 cashmere Cuomosexual cardigan.

Other celebrities would also admit to their Cuomosexuality with actress Chelsea Handler announcing that she wanted to be the governor’s First Lady.

Cuomo himself embraced the trend, saying through a smile during a late April 2020 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show “I think that’s a good thing.”

It’s safe to say, however, that the Cuomosexual meme has not aged particularly well.

Cuomo’s resignation comes amid a report from the state attorney general detailing how he sexually harassed eleven women, including a state trooper assigned to his protective detail.

Cuomo’s troubles also include reports from the Daily Caller News Foundation that his administration undercounted the amount of deaths that occurred in nursing homes as a result of his March 2020 order forcing them to accept recovering COVID-19 patients. His top aides later admitted to Democrats in the state’s General Assembly that his office covered up the death toll to prevent a federal investigation. (RELATED: Despite Sexual Harassment Report, Cuomo Still Most Popular Democratic Gov. Candidate: POLL)

Never has one politician fallen so quickly from blue-state America sex symbol to political pariah in less than a year.