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Holly Lucas Meyer Discusses the Importance of Trust

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A team without a leader is like a ship without a rudder—directionless. Irrespective of how strong or talented the team is, if the team members’ energies and efforts are not all pulling together and focused on the same goal, then instead of reaching the destination together, they’ll end up adrift and floundering. Holly Meyer Lucas is an individual who is well aware of just how integral strong leadership is to success. Acclaimed in both real estate and the sports and entertainment sectors, Holly’s overriding trait is one of leadership.

“I think leaders are born, not made,” says Holly. “It took me a while to realize that being a natural leader was my biggest strength and my greatest fortitude. For years, I was always the one to take responsibility in any situation, both personally and professionally, to designate roles to people and bring out the best in them. It’s not about being bossy; it’s about assuming the mantle others are more than grateful for you to wear. Being a leader is extremely rewarding, but it’s also quite lonely and challenging at times, and there are certain key traits you need.”

Number one on Holly Meyer Lucas’s list is being an individual people can trust. She explained, “If your team doesn’t trust you, you’ve failed at the first hurdle. Transparency and honesty are vital when it comes to earning their trust. Always lead from the front and don’t ask anything of them that you wouldn’t ask from yourself. You are the best example they can have, so ensure you set a positive one.”

Number two is the ability to be creative and rational. Holly says, “Being a leader is all about being a problem solver, and accordingly you need to be both innovative and creative. As Rudyard Kipling said, you need to be able to keep your head when people around you are losing theirs and come up with a solution to the biggest problem. It’s all about adapting to survive.”
Number three on Holly Meyer Lucas’s list is the ability to think quickly and act boldly. “Decisiveness is a must,” says Holly. “If you show uncertainty in your decision making, you’re finished. Being decisive is the very essence of strong leadership. If your team believes your confidence is impregnable and invincible, they’ll follow you to hell and back.”

Lastly, the fourth trait that Holly believes every leader needs to succeed is compassion. “As a leader, you should realize that not everyone has as much tenacity, resilience, and organizational skills as you. So don’t fall into the trap of judging others by your own high standards. When people make mistakes, show compassion and help them understand where they went wrong. A good leader nurtures talent through thoughtful feedback.”

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