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Ken Johnson Talks About His Marketing Experience

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Marketing is the best way to ensure that your business gets the best advertising out there. The power of the internet has made things so much easier for laypeople. Anyone can easily become a pro at digital marketing with a few simple tutorials. Ace Marketing Expert Ken Johnson talks about his marketing experience.

“In my time as a social media influencer and marketer, I have worked with many influencers and brand and have seen expenses of over $10 million mainly to influencers. The best advice I can give is to use your social media following to accomplish any task you set your mind to,” said Ken. He has had his beginnings in the world of social media and influencer-based marketing since even before the internet started using those words. Even before Facebook, or Instagram, Ken Johnson was using his social media following on Myspace to promote events and shows in the off-road industry. He drove a lot of traffic towards the Offroad Expo, the largest expo for trucks and jeep in the world. Over a period of 7 years, Ken helped to grow the marketing for the expo to such an extent that it is now the largest social media platform in the off-road industry.

If you are joining a company rather than launching your own business, social media marketing requires a whole lot more creativity. You can choose to be creative with your parent company. “In my case, when I joined the company called Lucas Oil, there were no departments for social media. So, I was able to take over and actually create these departments and channels and introduce both traditional and modern types of advertising,” said Ken.

Ken Johnson may be an entrepreneur today, but his passion will always be the building of social media accounts and increasing his followers.