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Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan: Clicking Pictures Helps Me See the World Around Me Deeply

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A picture speaks a thousand words. It freezes time and smiles and pain and ecstasy to bore through the superficial trimmings of perception into the heart of human tragedy, perseverance, and victory. Behind the world’s most famous photographs are the photographers who clicked them. Behind some of them is Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan, a budding photographer who is cutting no corners to make a name for himself in the world behind the camera. He talks to us about his work, his passions, and his plans.

Why did you choose photography?

I was interested in photography from a very young age. Clicking pictures helps me see the world around me deeply. It helps me learn about people, their likes and dislikes, their emotions, and their expressions. I enjoy being behind the camera, peeping into the world through the viewfinder.

Do you have formal training in your chosen field?

No, I only did a basic course in photography along with several other courses in a range of digital art and production techniques and software like After Effects, Adobe Premier, 3D Max, and so on. I also have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a second major in digital art. I graduated in 2002 in California.

How did you manage to enter into photography?

Before I became a full-time photographer, I worked in a couple of places doing technical jobs, mainly as a network admin and internet trainer. I also did online trading. These jobs did not give me satisfaction. I wanted to get back to doing photography.  So when I got a call from Kuwait Television Channel 1 in 2010, I immediately jumped at it. Currently, I work as a photographer and photo editor. I also work on 3D Max motion graphics.

How did your social media personality start?

It started when my Instagram account got noticed and when my follower count started to increase. I started getting more and more assignments every day. It was not possible to take up every assignment. I had to say no to many. I was invited to many store launches.

What is the secret of your success?

I don’t hold myself back when it comes to my craft. Uninhibited passion is the key to success in any profession. I love the work I do.

Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan’s flourishing career is an inspiration to many budding artists. His passion for his work and dedication is seen in his work that is setting trends in the Middle East. We wish Mohammad all success in his career ahead.