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The Thompson Family on Why Collaborations Are a Crucial Aspect of Growth

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TikTok and Instagram are creating online celebrities every day, with the popularity of both platforms leading to content going endlessly viral. The humor and relatability in ordinary people’s videos are proving addictive for a certain audience and leading to millions of views. As such, it’s easy to envy the growth achieved by these social media stars and wonder what their secret is. The Thompson family is a part of this particular constellation of online stars. Here, the talented family of nine, which has collaborated with mega-watt influencers like Charli D’Amelio and Lil’ Huddy, explains why collaborations are essential for growth.

According to the Thompson family, social media collaborations are crucial in building and growing a solid online following. The Thompsons experienced first-hand the power of collaboration when they saw their viewer and follower numbers skyrocket after their hugely popular partnerships with some of the biggest names on TikTok. To achieve expansive growth, the Thompsons advise being open to collaborating with even brands and personalities outside of your industry. They share that these collaborations can lead to reaching an audience that might overwise not have been aware of your content. With each collaboration, you give yourself the chance to be discovered by an entirely new audience.

The Thompson family has been welcomed into countless homes around the world through the medium of social media, with the dance moves of little Scarlet Thompson and her siblings providing endless sunny content and brightening up people’s feeds around the globe.

Developing ways to grow your following and reach millions across the web can seem like a struggle when you find yourself surrounded by countless similar brands. But the Thompson family believes that by embracing opportunities of collaborating with big brands and other social media stars, you can see effective and exponential growth.

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