Tucker Stands Up For CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘Loyalty Should Be To Your Family Above All Else’

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Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson defended CNN anchor Chris Cuomo Monday, arguing that it’s “understandable” he would help his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women.

“Chris Cuomo is coming under a lot of fire for helping his brother in the middle of this crisis,” Carlson said. “We can’t evaluate how true that is. But if it is true, let’s be real for a second. It’s understandable. It’s his brother. Your loyalty should be to your family above all else. Maybe even above your job. Maybe even above Jeff Zucker.” (RELATED: Reporter Who Spoke To State Investigators About Gov. Cuomo Wants Little Brother Chris To Pay Too)

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Aug. 3 an independent investigation found Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women. The investigation discovered Cuomo subjected employees to offensive or sexually charged comments and unwanted touching, violating state and federal law.

“If your brother calls and says ‘I need help,’ if you don’t give him help cause you’re pretending to be a news anchor on some stupid cable channel nobody watches, you’re betraying your brother, and that’s a greater sin than any of the dumb politics they espouse on [CNN],” Carlson said. “Totally true. We’re not going to criticize him for that.”

Chris Cuomo started interviewing his brother early on during the COVID-19 pandemic. When he joined CNN, he said he would not interview Andrew, but that changed as the pandemic progressed. In May, Chris apologized to viewers on his show for advising his brother and participating in strategy sessions on how to deal with sexual harassment allegations.

“It will not happen again,” Chris said. “It was a mistake, because I put my colleagues here, who I believe are the best in the business, in a bad spot. I never intended for that, I would never intend for that, and I am sorry for that.”