‘CNN Could Give Jeffrey Toobin A Happy Ending’: Joe Concha Says Chris Cuomo Won’t Lose His ‘Prime-Time’ Gig

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joe Concha said Wednesday that he expected Chris Cuomo to keep his “prime-time” gig at CNN in spite of his proximity to the scandal involving his brother, outgoing Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Concha joined Fox News’ “Outnumbered” and argued that if CNN had kept analyst Jeffrey Toobin — who was caught masturbating on a Zoom call with his then colleagues at The New Yorker — the network was unlikely to let Cuomo go. (RELATED: ‘Go Work For Your Brother Then’: Joe Concha Lists All The Infractions He Says Should Have Gotten Chris Cuomo Canned)


Concha began by addressing CNN anchor Brian Stelter, who defended Cuomo during a late-night interview with Stephen Colbert.

“He is an impressive figure because not only is he the senior media correspondent for CNN and also the host of ‘Reliable Sources,’ but also apparently is the lead in crisis management and P.R. So, boy to balance four jobs like that is very impressive, except he is not very good at any of them,” Concha said. (RELATED: ‘Definitely Awkward For CNN’: Brian Stelter Says Journalistic ‘Ethics’ Don’t Cover The Cuomos)

Concha then turned to Cuomo, who had said months ago that his coverage and later his advice to his brother and his political aides had put CNN in a tricky position.

“Well, it happened again, and again he lied to his viewers. He lied to his colleagues. And yet, you have the media correspondent out there defending him. Also, CNN put out this statement in May when the news of him advising his brother on how to discredit accusers of sexual law harassment, that’s a very big deal, to remain in office came to light,” Concha continued, noting that both Cuomo and the network had acknowledged that the anchor’s behavior was inappropriate.

“And this isn’t the first time Chris Cuomo has lied to his viewers,” Concha added, noting that Cuomo had broken quarantine while he had COVID-19 and then filmed his staged exit from quarantine in his basement.

“And then Cuomo on his show last summer screamed about stupid people, his quote, not wearing masks outside. Only to have a complaint filed against him in his own New York City apartment complex about not wearing a mask in an elevator which at last check is probably not a good thing,” Concha concluded, adding, “You can’t make this stuff up. But he’ll likely survive, Kayleigh, if CNN could give Jeffrey Toobin a happy ending … Sorry, wrong choice of words there.”

“Whoa,” Harris Faulkner reacted immediately, comparing Concha to “the last barge in a fireworks show.”

“The last 15 minutes, let it rip. The colors and music don’t even match,” she said. “That was amazing.”