BLM Utah President, Who Declared The American Flag Was ‘A Symbol Of Hatred’ Steps Down, Saying She Received ‘Death Threats Like A Flood’

(Screenshot: Facebook/Black Lives Matter Utah Chapter)

Ashley Carnahan Contributor
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The president of a Black Lives Matter chapter in Utah stepped down Sunday after receiving “death threats” for saying the American flag was a “symbol of hatred.”

Lex Scott, the leader and founder of the BLM chapter, wrote July 4 on Facebook that the American flag was “a symbol of hatred,” that “the person flying it is a racist,” and “we question your intelligence. We know to avoid you.”

More than a month later, Scott announced she “received death threats like a flood” and relocated to another state. “I moved to a city which is all Black. We had to beat the Klan and white supremacists,” she wrote on Facebook.

“When we arrived to our new location we stopped at a Walmart. I looked around and there was not one white person in that store. There are literally no white people anywhere. There aren’t even white cops. I made a doctor’s appointment, my doctor is Black. My mailman is Black, my daughter’s teachers are Black, the billboards have Black lawyers on them. No one profiles us in stores. No one even notices us. We blend in” Scott continued. (RELATED: ‘We Know To Avoid You’: Black Lives Matter Chapter Declares American Flag ‘A Symbol Of Hatred’)

The former chapter president said she would miss “yelling at police” and “striking fear into the hearts and souls of racists.” “Thank you for letting me lead you for so many years. Give em hell Black Lives Matter Utah. No justice, no peace,” she concluded.

Scott’s successor, Rae Duckworth, is the sister of Bobby Ray Duckworth, who was killed in a 2019 police-involved shooting.