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Bun Bydaway on Why Networking Is Critical for Success as a Music A&R

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Being an artist and repertoire (A&R) is a critical job in a record label company. While glamour and profits are the more apparent attributes, Bun Bydaway stresses on hard work that cannot be overlooked. Bun is an A&R and owner of the prime record label, BDW Studios. For him, the most important part of being an A&R is people. He says, “Every aspect of music is related to people. If you want success in this field, you have to network as you eat.”

Make your work easier

As a fresh A&R, you have to familiarize yourself with everyone who affects your work — co-workers, competition, your artists, and their communities. The affable Bun Bydaway believes in building strong professional relationships. He thinks that if people already understand you and your goals, they will trust you even for experimental projects. Spend time with a variety of people and pay attention to them. Like the poker champion that he is, Bun says, “It’s like playing poker – break your boundaries, be open, share what’s necessary and absorb the information around you.”

Find your bread and butter

As an A&R, you have to constantly lookout for new talent. Getting out, meeting people and making contacts helps you discover unique talent. Moreover, if you’re adept at online networking, you can connect with a host of artists. There are several social media channels where you can approach new and seasoned artists alike. Bun Bydaway’s pro tip is that a seasoned artist might not associate with your label directly but making a new and popular friend will help you in the future.

Get the support of a community

As an A&R representative, your community is your backbone. Bun Bydaway mentions, “They’re the ones who’re going to support you in hard times and help you out, sometimes going out of their way for you.” Some people genuinely care about you and give you a sense of belonging in this cut-throat industry. Build your community by exchanging value. For example, if you wish to have an artist promote your label’s artist on social media, promote them first and keep in touch. Give something before you ask for something, and people will want to be associated with you.

Bun Bydaway is a serial entrepreneur and skilled poker player who has built a net worth of $8 million. His record label and entertainment agency are behind some of the best and latest music. He believes that success cannot be achieved alone in the modern world and that A&R and networking are inseparable.

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