Jay Leno Takes Joking With Friends To New Level As He Hangs Off Front Of Plane In Mid-Air

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Jay Leno took joking with friends to a whole new level after he climbed out of the plane they were flying and hung off the front of it in mid-air.

Yes, you read that correctly. In the clip posted on Instagram, we see the cockpit window of a plane flying out over the ocean when the top of the 71-year-old stand-up comedian’s head appears outside the airplane. The video was noted by the “Today” show in a piece published Thursday. (RELATED: Jay Leno: Politics Was Funnier When ‘Clinton Was Horny’ And ‘Bush Was Dumb’)

“I wanted to surprise the guys,” Leno explained during his appearance on “Spike’s Car Radio” podcast. “I was with some friends of mine and they didn’t know the front of the plane opened, so I went up to the front and [then’ climbed up on the windshield.” (RELATED: Jay Leno Survives Terrifying Rollover Crash [VIDEO])



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“It’s not a fake,” he added. “It’s real.”

At first all we can see is the top of Leno’s head in the clip, but pretty soon we see the back of his shirt as he turned around and faced the camera/cockpit and gave a thumbs up while hanging out the front of the plane’s windshield. The pilots can also be overheard laughing at the legendary talk show host’s antics.

He pretended like he’s hanging on for dear life before he climbed down and off the front of the plane.

When Jay was later asked on the podcast what it was like out there he said, “You just take your time.”

“You’re actually OK,” he added. It’s not that bad.”