Man Convicted Of Attempting To Bomb Long Beach Rally

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Gabrielle Temaat Contributor
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A California man was found guilty of attempting to set off a bomb at a Long Beach rally in 2019, according to the Department of Justice.

Court documents from the trial show that 28-year old Mark Steven Domingo provided material evidence of terrorism as he attempted to use a weapon of mass destruction in order to cause mass casualties, the DOJ reported.

An investigation of Domingo began after he showed support for violent jihad in online posts and conversations. Domingo considered several attacks, such as targeting Jews, police officers, and churches, but ultimately decided to bomb a rally in Long Beach scheduled for April 2019, the DOJ reported.  (RELATED: Man Arrested For Allegedly Plotting To Detonate Grenades In Times Square)

Domingo asked a confederate who was working on the investigation with the FBI to find a bomb-maker to join the plot. He then provided the bomb-maker, who was an undercover police officer, with materials for the bomb, the DOJ reported.

In April 2019, Domingo drove the confederate and undercover officer to the location of the rally to plan the attack. There he planned to find the most crowded areas to set off the bomb in order to kill the most people, the DOJ reported. (RELATED: MS-13 Gang Leaders Indicted On Terrorism Charges, DOJ Announces)

The undercover officer delivered two inert bombs to Domingo and arrested him with one of the devices in Domingo’s hand, the DOJ reported.

Domingo will be sentenced Nov. 1 and faces a maximum sentence of life in prison, the DOJ reported.