Palestinians Riot Over Israel’s Plans To Build Elevator At Holy Site For People With Disabilities


Kevin Harness Contributor
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Palestinians became outraged when Israel announced building an elevator at a holy site for disabled people, the Jewish Press reported.

Israel’s Ministry of Defense announced Friday that they were going to build an elevator at the Cave of the Patriarchs for disabled people and the Palestinians responded with protest, the Jewish Press reported. (RELATED: Anti-Israel Groups Allegedly Tied To Terrorist Organizations Attempt Another Ship Blockade)

The solution to the accessibility situation includes along the elevator the construction of an access road between the parking lot and cave plaza, and a staircase with a road giving access to people of all religions to come to worship at the site. It was predicted that the construction would last for six months and until then, the only thing that provided access to the cave was a long set of stairs, the Jewish Press reported.

Israel’s Ministry of Defense was finally able to follow through with the project after several years of legal disputes and stalling by various governments despite that it was a very small project. These various governments were indecisive about the project fearing that it may end in a diplomatic fallout, according to the Jewish Press.

Palestinian Authority (PA) officials said the project was “Israeli aggression” and “Judaization.” PA’s Supreme Shari’ah Judge Mahmoud Al-Habbash made threats saying that such “aggression” will cost them and warned that “the Palestinians would be willing to do anything.” He compared Israel’s activities at the Cave to “to igniting a religious war,” according to the outlet.