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The Top 3 Ways YouTubers Earn Money: Revealed by Randy Booker

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The 21st century has introduced unprecedented ways to earn money. Today, you can record your dog’s daily routine with your mobile phone, upload it on YouTube, and earn enough money to have a comfortable life. Well, that’s not wholly true. There are several steps in between uploading the video and making money that is known only to top-notch YouTubers. Randy Booker is one among them. Here he shares three tips that YouTubers use to earn money.

First and foremost, the key to success in any venture is consistency, says Randy Booker. If you want people to take notice of you, then you need to work consistently to attract and sustain their attention. Most people lack patience and get disheartened when they don’t get the expected response to their content. Lack of subscribers or a lower rate of views deter newcomers from staying at it, and most of them give up. It is imperative to keep uploading videos without getting bogged down by the poor response, says Randy. The YouTube Partnership Program requires a certain number of subscriptions before marketers can use your content to show their ads. One of the factors to attract subscriptions and to get the attention of marketers is to be consistent.

Cross Promotions
While having ads in your content is one way to generate revenue, the other way is cross-promotions. For example, a home chef creating and sharing exciting recipes could cross-promote various products from kitchenware to food brands. If you are a painter giving art lessons, you could promote brands that sell art products. Once you know who your target audience is, it becomes easy to find suitable cross-promotion ideas, says Randy Booker.

Having a line of merchandise is another effective way to generate revenue. Once you have a substantial fan following, the next logical step is to get into merchandising. This not only brings in additional revenue but establishes you as a brand, therefore bringing credibility to your enterprise, says Randy Booker.

As the modern world unravels itself to reveal many new opportunities to earn money, the fact that one has to be disciplined and diligent does not change. No matter how much technology improves our lives, hard work will always be the key to success. Randy Booker’s inside story makes this truth clear to anyone looking to become a successful YouTuber.