Bongino Shares Message From Marine Friend On Afghanistan: ‘All They Sacrifice For 20 Years And This Is What We Do?’

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Kevin Harness Contributor
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Dan Bongino shared an email Sunday from a Marine friend talking about what has happened in Afghanistan.

Bongino read the email aloud on Saturday’s broadcast of his Fox News show “Unfiltered.” (RELATED: ‘Welcome To ISIS 3.0’: Meghan McCain Unloads On Biden For ‘Absolutely Shameful’ Handling Of Afghanistan)


“Obviously a tragic situation but you heard my position on it, I agreed with President [Donald] Trump and President [Joe] Biden, both shared the impression that our mission in Afghanistan coming to an end. It has to come to that. The Afghan people have to take responsibility for their own country, I fully agree with their position on that,” Bongino said.

He went on to say that the quick decision that was made to pull the troops out as soon as possible was insane, saying that soldiers were still out there fighting.

Bongino introduced the email he got from a very close friend who served several tours of duty in Afghanistan. The email detailed several accounts of what he witnessed and experienced during those tours.

“A lot of people don’t understand what it’s like coming home from combat after doing things for your country. We have to live with what we’ve done. I feel like forfeiting any chance to see my daughters in the afterlife. When your ROEs were to smoke check anyone with a shovel and an orange bucket including kids it was like the Wild West. And your enemy changes you. You grow a hate inside you that you can’t come to terms with,'” Bongino’s friend said.

His friend detailed about how they would watch fellow soldiers lose arms, legs, private parts or even became what they would call “pink mist” from explosives — and how they had known that the locals knew where the enemy would ambush them but would not tell them.

“My friend went on to write, ‘You hate yourself because you lived. You hate yourself because your Marine killed himself when we got home and you couldn’t prevent it. You hate yourself because you get drunk texts from your Marines telling you they love you and thanking you for your what you did for them over there but they are hurting because you had to give them orders to kill kids. You have to carry that hate for the rest of your life. It doesn’t go away. It’s actually gotten worse. You have nightmares almost every night and hardly sleep. Your daughters die in bad ways in your dreams and you fear it’s punishment for what you did and they might come true. But America doesn’t care now. You are a statistic at best, you are hated at worst,'” his friend concluded.

“It was my choice to put in the show with permission from my friend because we just left people behind. Yeah, we needed to get out of there but our people are there. All they sacrifice for 20 years and this is what we do? This is inexcusable,” Bongino concluded.