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Alex Richard on Why Podcasts Are Here To Stay

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Podcasts are one of the best ways to passively develop your knowledge base and hear about new influential people in your industry. People have spent 15 billion hours listening to podcasts in 2021, and it’s expected that there will be 100 million podcast listeners by 2024. Alex Richard is an entrepreneur who loves listening to podcasts, and he thinks the medium is here to stay.

Alex Richard first fell in love with podcasts when he was figuring out how to be an entrepreneur. At the age of 18, he met someone who was already making six figures with their online business, and he wanted to follow in their footsteps. However, he didn’t immediately know where to learn about social media and automation. He read books and blogs, but this required sitting down and devoting the media his full attention. He soon discovered that he could listen to podcasts while he did chores around the house or traveled, thus developing his skills in a passive way. “I’m a very athletic person, so it was very appealing to me that I could learn while I played tennis or rode my bike,” Richard said. “They were ways to incorporate even more learning time into my day.” He recommends starting to learn about Internet marketing with podcasts since it has such a low barrier of entry. “If you’re unsure about whether you want to go down this path, you can just listen to podcasts during dead times in your day. It’s much easier to commit to than sitting down and reading a book for hours.” Since podcasts are so useful to so many people, Alex thinks that they’ll continue to grow even more as time passes.

Alex has created four six-figure companies from the ground up, including his social media advertising agency, Walmart Automation Pro, and Agentswithsystems.com. He manages over 500 clients through his social media enterprise, and he’s worked with notable influencers such as Jake Paul and Amanda Cerny. “I’m passionate about what I do, and I’m always moving,” he says. “I’m hungry for even more success, and I refuse to settle for anything less than my best.”

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, consider listening to podcasts in your industry. Alex Richard thinks it’s a great way to get started and achieve success.