‘Easier To Blame Everyone But Yourself, Like Joe Biden Just Did’: Geraldo Rivera Talks ‘Catastrophic Evacuation Of Kabul’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Geraldo Rivera said it’s “easier to blame everyone” but oneself, like President “Joe Biden just did,” as he reflected on the catastrophic evacuation of Kabul, Afghanistan.

“Defeat is a bitter pill, hard to swallow,” the 78-year-old political commentator tweeted Monday. “Easier to blame everyone but yourself, like @JoeBiden just did. The catastrophic evacuation of Kabul is on @POTUS. Redeeming American honor demands we do everything to bring our friends and allies to safety.” (RELATED: ‘Dragged’: Meghan McCain Blasts ‘Every Single Person In Biden Administration’ Over Fall Of Kabul)

“How did @JoeBiden get it so wrong?” he added. “Which intelligence agency forecast that the supposed ‘300,000 strong Afghan Army’ would defend their country? Instead, we left, they choked.” (RELATED: Taliban Fighters Enter Kabul After Afghan President Flees)

“Instead rushing troops to #Afghanistan as the country collapsed, why didn’t @POTUS @JoeBiden send them a month or two earlier to provide an orderly withdrawal?” Rivera continued to ask in his lengthy Twitter thread. “Attempting to sneak out in the dark of night, Joe screwed up [and] bears responsibility for this humiliating inevitability.” (RELATED: Americans Are Trapped Behind Taliban Checkpoints, Have No Clear Path To US Perimeter, According To Tom Cotton’s Office)

The former TV host called out the “pathetic” attempts by experts “to explain utter failure of our foreign and military policy regarding #Afghanistan,” as he admitted former President Donald Trump “wanted out,”  but said Biden just had the “most bungled retreat ever.”

“We just left,” Gerald wrote. “Now #Taliban stooges are driving our Humvees and eating our lunch.”

The Taliban seized control of the capitol of Afghanistan the weekend of Aug. 14-15 and took control of the country in a short amount of time.

A video surfaced Monday on Twitter out of Kabul airport showing Afghanistan people swarming a U.S. Air Force jet, with many trying to climb on board after thousands of U.S. troops were sent in to evacuate Americans at the U.S. embassy.