Lindsey Graham Says Biden Has Gone From ‘Sort Of Incompetent To Literally Dangerous,’ Calls On Him To Get Afghans Out

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham ripped President Joe Biden over his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal as the Taliban retook the country in a matter of days.

Graham gave a speech in South Carolina on Monday, as the Senate is in recess. He addressed the rapid fall of Afghanistan and said Biden has “created the conditions for another 9/11.”

“We’ve abandoned people who have fought with us. We have created the conditions for another 9/11. And this debacle in Afghanistan makes us weaker throughout the globe,” Graham said.

“President Biden, in my view, has been wrong about foreign policy consistently for the last 30 or 40 years. He’s gone from being sort of incompetent to literally dangerous. He’s overwhelmed by the job…. He chose this path. He was given options and he chose the most dangerous option available,” he continued. (RELATED: Returning From Vacation, Biden Plays Blame Game As Afghanistan Falls)


“I’m urging President Biden to establish safe corridors so that we can get our people out – the Afghans who helped us…President Biden has tens of thousands of people who helped us in his hands right now. I hope he will set up a system so we can get these people out,” Graham added. (RELATED: President Biden Travels Back From Camp David To Address Afghanistan Situation)

The U.S. plans to deploy more American troops until Tuesday to reach 6,000 to help with the evacuation effort, the Department of Defense and the Department of State announced in a joint statement Sunday. Biden gave an address Monday from the White House as the Taliban is quickly taking over major cities throughout the region.

Over the weekend, the U.S. announced it was sending thousands of troops back into Afghanistan to help with the evacuation process. (RELATED: President Biden Travels Back From Camp David To Address Afghanistan Situation)

Biden returned to Camp David after his Monday address and did not take any questions from the press.