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People Need to Be More Conscious About Their Eating Habits Amidst the Pandemic, Say Experts at Healthy Crunch

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns have brought to light the importance of maintaining good health. Whether it be through working out, self-care, or healthy diets, it is safe to say that most of us learned just how crucial it is to take small steps towards better health every day. Good health is the foundation for the prevention of diseases, and the experts at Healthy Crunch are raising awareness regarding conscious eating habits.

Healthy Crunch is a Canada-based packaged foods company offering an array of healthy and tasty treats from seed butters to granola bars. With keto-friendly products full of variety, Healthy Crunch is making the world look at healthy eating from a different angle. Julie Bednarski, CEO and Founder of Healthy Crunch, is motivated to bring a better quality of life and healthier eating habits to the world at a time it needs it most.

“The pandemic has been incredibly hard on a lot of people, and we learned that health should be our top priority,” explains Julie. “The lockdowns have limited our access to gyms, health centers, and even parks. This has unfortunately caused many of us to slip in our diet choices, as we were semi-forced to live more sedentary lives.” Understanding that health starts at home, Healthy Crunch is working hard to bring to market products that ensure people have access to quality and convenient food.
“A healthy diet is the beginning of any proactive plan regarding our wellness,” states Julie. “If we want to come out of this pandemic stronger than before, we need to make daily choices that promote our well-being.” To Julie, prevention is everything, and what we put into our bodies plays a significant role in how we can recover from and fight disease.

“The pandemic proved to be an incredibly trying time, both mentally and physically. To stay confined indoors while working and teaching our children from home is taxing on our health,” says Julie. “Healthy eating is one key component to managing stressfully times like these, ensuring your providing your body with nutrient-rich foods.

Taking a step towards healthy and conscious eating, Healthy Crunch takes hold of the ‘new normal’ with a refreshed enthusiasm for food.

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