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Ivano Natale Talks About the Alchemy Between Tattoos & Success

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For anyone who’s ever seen a tattoo artist at work, it’s like watching magic happen. Seeing an image unfold onto someone’s bare skin is akin to alchemy, and world-renowned tattoo artist Ivano Natale represents one of the pinnacles of the industry. His clients include Italian rapper Geolier and Korn’s Fieldy, and a look at his Instagram shows off the level of skill that Natale dedicates to his craft. However, just being a great artist isn’t enough to guarantee success. So what sort of alchemy exists between tattoos and the success of an Italian tattoo parlor?

Taking Advantage of New Situations

Natale’s shop is a 5,000-square-foot location that he practices his craft within. Inside these walls, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and sports stars come to get their skin marked by one of the world’s greatest tattoo artists.

The studio is a testament to Natale’s dedication to art. Along its walls are several pieces that once hung in museums around the world before making their way home to this collection. They also have a fully equipped gym available for their clients and employees. Natale believes in original talent, and no one will find anything here that is cribbed from somewhere else. This originality carries over into the mentality of Natale’s crew.

His art has been featured in numerous art books, such as Consafos and Tattoo Prodigy; the latter even pegged him as one of the best tattoo artists in the world. So how did he get to be this big?

“I believe in taking advantage of all situations,” Natale says. His journeys have taken him as far afield as California to experience the same atmosphere as some of his favorite artists. These days, he simply hops on a plane and goes somewhere new to experience the locale. These trips fire his imagination and inspire him to create.

It’s About the Quality

One thing that Ivano Natale never compromises on is the quality of his product. “We’re not cheap on our time nor on anything else,” Natale says. “We work with one client a day and give our best performance.”

Looking at some of Natale’s clients and the work he’s done for them, it’s clear that his art is well worth the time and money investment. Most of Natale’s clients fly in from international locations. The time he spends with them usually finds him delving into their ideas, taking their thoughts and uniquely representing them. His art is a springboard to his success. Even other artists who partner with him realize the power of his work. Natale doesn’t work with just anyone, though. His reputation relies on dealing with other artists who maintain his dedication to quality. That quality is what draws new clients to his shop.

Success Isn’t an Overnight Thing

Natale’s road to success has spanned many years and several locations. His early years were spent researching and traveling while he learned about his craft. He worked out of several shops and figured out what made their work special. Throughout his journey, he always understood that what he wanted was to stand out.

“I’m a firm believer that whatever energy you put into something, that’s what you’re going to get in return,” Natale says. The meteoric rise of his success shows that he’s put a lot of time into perfecting his craft. Today, Natale stands head and shoulders above the crowd. Whatever hidden alchemy is there, it’s all of Ivano Natale’s own making.

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