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Tailoring Simplified! SUITABLEE Becomes World’s First AI-Enabled Custom Suits Company

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One of the hardest-hit industries during the pandemic was clothing. Not only were most clothing stores closed, but all purchases requiring measurements and alterations also came to a grinding halt. One of the few exceptions to experience growth amidst such a time was the Montreal-based menswear company SUITABLEE. Founded by engineer brothers Jean-Sebastien Siow and Jean-Jeremie Siow, this innovative business combines old-world tailoring expertise with modern artificial intelligence (AI) for a perfect fit anywhere in the world.

Even before COVID-19 swept the globe, brick-and-mortar clothing stores had been dwindling as the retail industry continued its shift further online. The Siow brothers used this trend to their advantage when they launched SUITABLEE in 2015. Little did they know their innovative business model would become their saving grace just five years later. What set the company apart immediately was the fact that it was the world’s first AI-driven custom suit retailer. Thanks to its proprietary ‘Automatic Sizing’ technology, SUITABLEE can get a customer’s measurements without that person even having to leave their house. This feature became particularly convenient amidst the global lockdowns during COVID-19.

When SUITABLEE was first launched, the Siow brothers used to take the physical measurements of clients in person. Realizing there had to be a better way of doing this, they developed an infrared scanner to record images of their customers in conjunction with the 20-25 measurements needed to deliver a perfectly fitted suit. Using these scans, they developed the Automatic Sizing technology, which generates custom patterns for customers after they answer 12 simple questions. Zoom consultations guide clients through the measurement process, and the Siow brothers even offer fabric samples to ensure people get exactly what they want.

If you’re wondering whether or not this technology actually works, it is worth noting that a scant 10% of all online sales by SUITABLEE require after-sales adjustments. Customers get beautiful custom suits at a reasonable price, and the company even offers a design platform for people to design their own individualized garments. As the lockdowns gradually lift and people resume their social lives, this unique menswear company looks set to help its clients do so in style.

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