‘The David Hookstead Show’: Afghanistan Falls To The Taliban, Hope Solo Says Megan Rapinoe ‘Almost’ Bullied Teammates Into Protesting, Bill Maher Rips The ‘Woke Police,’ NFL’s Taunting Rules Are Out Of Control, College Football Is Less Than Two Weeks Away, The AP Preseason Poll Is Out, Jack Coan Will Start At QB For Notre Dame, ‘Yellowstone’ Gets Show Major Disrespect And ‘Field Of Dreams’ Holds Up To The Test Of Time

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Welcome to the Tuesday episode of “The David Hookstead Show.”

After a few days off because I was traveling in Wisconsin, I’m finally back! On today’s episode, we’re talking about Afghanistan falling to the Taliban, Hope Solo accuses Megan Rapinoe of “almost” bullying players into protesting, Bill Maher rips the “woke police,” NFL taunting rules are a joke, college football is back in less than two weeks, the AP preseason poll is out, Jack Coan is Notre Dame’s starting quarterback, “Yellowstone” gets ranked as only the 83rd best show on TV, “Field of Dreams” is still outstanding and I recap my trip to my home state.

Let’s jump right in!


As always, thanks for joining in for another fun episode of “The David Hookstead Show.” I’ll catch you all again Wednesday!