Twitter Refuses To Ban Taliban Spokesperson’s Account

AFP via Getty Images

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Twitter is refusing to remove the account of Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesperson announced Tuesday.

When asked if they would remove Mujahid because of his affiliation with the Taliban, a spokesman for Twitter replied with a statement announcing it would “continue to proactively enforce” their rules on violence. The statement, released by Mediaite, elaborated saying that they would continue to condemn and uphold its rules on the “glorification of violence, platform manipulation and spam.” (RELATED: GOP Rep. Defends Tweet Claiming Taliban Is ‘Building Back Better’)

“Twitter’s top priority is keeping people safe, and we remain vigilant,” the statement added.

Other social media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok, have already banned the Taliban, Mediaite reported.

The released statement also promoted the benefits of their social media platform, announcing it was effective for communication and that they were “witnessing people in the country using Twitter to seek help and assistance,” according to Mediate.

Twitter has come under criticism as of late for allowing Mujahid to maintain an active Twitter account but permanently banning the account of former President Donald Trump. Critics have pointed out that the Taliban is a group that has spread false propaganda and committed horrific atrocities killing people.

The Taliban has committed horrific crimes specifically against women. Last month, after the Taliban took control in the provinces of Badakhshan and Takhar, it was reported that they issued an order to local religious leaders to provide them with a list of women to marry the Taliban fighters. Some of the women have been reportedly as young as 13 years old.