CNN Reporter Clarissa Ward Describes Moment Taliban Charged At Her In Kabul

Kevin Harness Contributor
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CNN reporter Clarissa Ward and producer Brent Swails were chased by two Taliban fighters in Kabul.

Footage of Ward trying to interview one of the fighters aired on “New Day” Wednesday, showing the fighter refusing to talk with her followed by Ward and her crew being chased by the Taliban fighters. (RELATED: ‘We Had To Intervene And Scream’: CNN Reporter Says Two Taliban Fighters Tried To ‘Pistol Whip’ Producer Recording Video)


“Quickly we are accosted by an angry Taliban fighter. Can I ask you a question? Excuse me. Cover my face? Okay. Cover my face. What is this — what is that? He told me to cover my face but he doesn’t want to comment on what he’s carrying,” Ward narrated as the footage aired.

The fighter, according to Ward, claimed that America was to blame for all that was happening in Afghanistan. He also asked her why America was “lying to Afghanistan” and telling the people they could come to America. He continued to ask why not let them stay and help Afghanistan.

They were followed by other men who were asking how they could enter the base and were showing their documents.

Ward noticed that the Taliban fighters seemed a little agitated, so they kept moving towards their car. Suddenly the fighters started charging toward Ward and Swails and one of them appeared ready to strike Swails with the butt of a gun.

“When the fighters are told we have permission to report, they lower their weapons and let us pass. Okay. Now we’re going. Get in the car. Now, I do want to make the point that outside of the airport, it is calm in the capital and the Taliban is really trying to put on that show for the international community and for the people of Afghanistan,” Ward said.